Switching profile labels C-FOUR window & door

 Fanavar Plastic Sepahan Co, after numerous surveys, decided to change the design of the profile labels door & window, so that they changed the label design with the changes in the new C-FOUR profiles.

Implementation of the plan for the uniformity of the representatives’ panels

Implementation of the plan for the uniformity of the representatives’ panels: Fanavar Plastic Sepahan Co intends to make changes in order to unify the panel of its representatives from August 23, 2017 in coordination with the representatives so that all official representatives of the collection will be identified with integrated panels and new logos 

Detection of new UHD designs

Fanavar Plastic Sepahan Co, with the help of its development research team, has been able to unveil the very first high-resolution panels in YHD in Iran, so that it can take another step towards satisfying its customers. The products will grow rapidly due to the variety of designs and colors.

Competition for the best design & execution or photograph

Fanavar Plastic Sepahan Co is seeking to establish a coherent connection to more connect audience & representatives of the collection with wall paneling products & false ceilings. They are invited to participate in the environmental design contest by using wall panels & ceiling frames of the Cpanel & also photography using these designs in the implementation environment of these products from October 23, 2017

Presence of Fanavar Plastic Sepahan on radio & television

Fanavar Plastic Sepahan Co, based on the strategy of influence & effectiveness of the brand, plans to advertise on radio & television in order to expand its market across the provinces of the country from August 26, 2017.